In one step … Google Chrome solves the problem of stolen passwords


In one step … Google Chrome solves the problem of stolen passwords

Sunday – 11 Shawwal 1442 AH – 23 May 2021 AD

A woman works on the Internet browser “Google Chrome” (dpa)

San Francisco: “Middle East Online”

The American Internet services and technology company, Google, added a new feature to its program to browse the Internet, “Google Chrome”, that allows solving the problem of user passwords in many services and websites that have been pirated in one step.
While the usual Internet browsers warn the user when his password is detected in the list of passwords that have been hacked, the Chrome browser will allow the user to solve the problem by clicking on one button.
And as Google announced during the Google I / O developer conference, when Google detects a weak password or is hacked, the Google Assistant digital assistant will show the “change password” button in front of the user.
Google will start providing the new feature for the Chrome version for smart devices running the Android operating system in the United States, and will start making it available in various versions of Chrome worldwide.
At the same time, this feature will only work with the social networking site “Twitter” and “a small number” of other sites at the beginning.
The user needs to activate the “Password Tracking” feature in the Chrome browser settings.




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