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Eid al-Fitr has become a favorite choice for many families, in light of the restrictions of Corona

Spending Eid al-Fitr at home has become a preferred option for many families, with the continuation of the restrictions imposed in Iraq to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic, and the precautionary measures it contains, such as prohibitions and social distancing.

The authorities decided to impose a comprehensive curfew during the days of Eid to prevent the spread of the virus, and this means abandoning the performance of prayers in mosques.

How do Iraqis prepare to spend the Eid in light of these restrictions?

Journalist Eman Al-Dulaimi tells Al-Jazeera Net that she is keen to wake her family early to perform the Eid rituals at home, and suggests some ideas to spend the Eid under home quarantine:

Iman Al-Dulaimi is keen to wake her family early to perform the Eid rituals at home (Al-Jazeera)

Home breakfast

Make sure that all family members, especially children, participate in preparing breakfast on the first day of Eid, which is one of the most important meals. Make it an opportunity for everyone to prepare their favorite dish.

It is a good idea to have family members, especially children, prepare breakfast on the first day of Eid (Getty Images)

the series `Of Ramadan

Take advantage of Eid to watch some Ramadan series that you did not have time to follow.

Movie night

Days before the Eid, specify with the family a list of movies that you want to watch and have a social comic nature, and through a distinctive cinematic evening, transferring the cinema atmosphere to your home lounge with “popcorn” and drinks.


In her opinion, Al-Dulaimi says that preparing a corner for barbecue in the garden of the house or balcony with which all family members participate, and taking pictures and videos to watch later is a good idea to spend fun times during the days of prohibition.

Take care of your skin

Use the Eid days to revitalize your skin and glasses with a set of masks that consist of simple materials available in every home.
Mix two tablespoons of yogurt with one tablespoon of olives and a little lemon juice, put it on the face and neck for a quarter of an hour, then rinse with cold water.

fun games

Buy entertaining games such as board and board, in addition to chess, and have fun playing with the family.

Enter the kitchen with your kids and prepare ice cream with their favorite flavor (Getty)

Ice cream and sundae

Since we are about to come to the summer season, enter the kitchen with your children, and prepare ice cream and sundae, and everyone makes their favorite flavor.


Al-Dulaimi says that home quarantine is an opportunity to relax and get away from the obligations of daily life.

Shorouk Murad proposes to host a guest close to the family during the Eid (Al-Jazeera)

Feast guest

For her part, Shurooq Murad (employee) says that she and her family are taking advantage of the ban to host a person close to the family to be their guest during the days of the Eid, so they spend time exchanging conversations, pictures and memories, and playing home games, as she spends time preparing new food recipes and following up on satellite TV programs In addition to calling friends and family through video calls to exchange congratulations and blessings.

Nouriya Al-Obaidi: The ban during the days of Eid has positive aspects, especially for those with large obligations (Al-Jazeera)

Positive and negative

And about her opinion on the home ban during the days of Eid, the specialist in psychology, Nuria Al-Obaidi, spoke to Al-Jazeera Net, saying that it has become a normal matter because it is the second year under Corona, and therefore “it became easy and the families have adapted to deal with the situation.”

As for the Iraqi society – Al-Obaidi continues – it has a peculiarity that differs from other Arab societies, as the vast majority of Iraqis spend Eid days with family and relatives in their homes, and this is why the ban policy will not have a significant impact on them.

Al-Obaidi points out that the ban during the days of Eid has positive aspects, especially for those who have large obligations and take advantage of the Eid period to complete it, but its negative effects on children, for Eid is for them to go out to play and wear new clothes, and it is difficult for the child to adapt to the home ban that suppresses their energies, which is what It may turn into anxiety, stubbornness and psychological problems.

Moreover, the ban has negative effects on street vendors and people whose livelihoods depend on holidays and events.

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