How to take a screenshot with Google Chrome


Google introduced Chrome in its new update No. 91 Screen capture toolIt is one of the tools that many people use on a daily basis.

The new tool works to capture the screen image directly from within Google Chrome, instead of using third-party applications or the tool built inside Android 11.

The new tool appears within the page sharing menu in Google Chrome, and is expected to arrive on iPhone phones soon.

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The tool allows you to capture, crop and edit an entire screen image, and then share the image or save it to your phone.

And to be able to use the new tool must update Google Chrome, and it is possible that you will find the application may update automatically.

Android 11 also introduced a screen capture feature, which is one of the features that many use to quickly share and record information.

How to use the Google Chrome 91 screenshot tool:

You can activate the screenshot tool easily within Google Chrome, unlike the tool for Android 11 or other tools.

To activate the screenshot tool, all you have to do is press the share button from the page control menu.

When you click the share button, the new bar appears in front of you as usual, but you find a new button for the screenshot tool.

After you click on the tool, Google Chrome will take you directly to it, and you will find options for editing the image, which are:

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  • drawing on the picture
  • Crop the image and reduce its size
  • Add text on photo

And you can change the color and size of the font of the drawing on the image, as well as with writing on the images.

The options are below in order, the first for cropping the image, the second for writing, and the third for drawing.

And when you click on the choice of writing, you will find in front of you a menu to modify the writing, which helps you to change the shape of the text, such as: changing its color, size and location.

In order to be able to modify and change the text, click on it with your finger.

The tool includes 18 colors, which is a fixed set of colors that you cannot add.

Screen capture

When you press the drawing button, the screen changes to the following:

Screen capture

From here, you can change the size of the drawing line and increase its thickness, and you can also change its color from among 18 colors without the ability to add new colors.

Share the snapshot:

When you have finished editing the screenshot as you wish, you can click on the icon below to return to the main screen.

After that, press the Next button so that you can share the final image after editing.

Google Chrome gives you three options for sharing photos like other tools:

  • Share photo directly
  • Save the image to the phone by downloading it to the phone.
  • get rid of the image
Google Chrome
Screen capture

And if you choose to share the photo, this shows you the usual file sharing option across all the apps installed on your phone.

Google Chrome’s screen capture tool only works on pages you open through it, meaning it can’t share a photo from your phone or another app.

So if you want to share a photo from another app, you need to install a special screen capture app.


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