How to play “3D Sound” in Apple headphones


Apple headphones, “Airpods Pro” and “Airpods Max” feature “3D-Audio” with the smartphone.

When this function is turned on, movie sounds, which support the “3D-Audio” function, are echoed from the correct direction relative to the user’s head.

According to this feature, the smartphone IphoneOr, iPad tablet computer, headphones “Airpods Pro” and “Airpods Max” using location sensors to locate the device and the user’s head in relation to each other.

According to the German news agency, you can access the settings for the 3D-Audio function, in the Bluetooth menu of the Apple device equipped with the “iOS” system.

And the user must click on the “i” sign next to the paired “Airpods Pro” and “Airpods Max” headphones, and in the following list, the 3D audio function can be activated, in addition to the availability of an audio sample to compare the three-dimensional sound with the usual stereo sound.

If the user wants to know if the movie supports the 3D sound function on Apple devices On the mobile, the control center must be opened and pressed for a relatively long time on the volume control indicator, and the following list shows whether this function is available, in addition to the possibility of controlling it.

The 3D-Audio function is currently limited to headphones, “Airpods Pro” and “Airpods Max”, and all Apple phones starting with the iPhone 7 version.

For the iPad tablet computer, an iPad Pro or iPad Air must be available starting from the third generation, or an iPad starting from the sixth generation.

The iPad mini supports this function, starting with the fifth generation.

These devices must include at least version 14 of the operating system, “iOS”.


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