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How to charge PUBG charges 2021 by ID from the official website, I get 1000 credits


How to charge PUBG charges 2021 by ID from the official website, I get 1000 credits – Educate me

How to charge the formations of PUBG 2021, One of the most famous combat electronic games, which ranks first in the world, is the game of Peggy, where this game is played by different age groups, young and old, in various parts of the world, and one of the reasons that distinguish this game is the presence of sound effects in three dimensions that make the atmosphere of the game more exciting, as there is in the game A different set of clothes and fighting tools that make the game more fun, and players can change the shape of fighters and buy more fighting tools using the so-called wrenches, and there are several ways to obtain these wrenches, we offer some of them:

How to charge the formations of PUBG 2021

In this method, we rely on the mobile balance, and to obtain the intensity, these steps are followed:

  • The official PUBG wrenches website is accessed midasbuy, and after entering the page, the wrenches category you wish to obtain is chosen.
  • (Pay By Mobile) is chosen from the aforementioned payment methods in order to determine the amount to be paid to obtain the wrenches.
  • Is received Dddat PUBG Purchased by e-mail after completing the payment instructions.

Pubg mobile

In this method, ID is used to obtain wrenches, and this is done in simple steps:

  • Entering the Shadat PUBG website, which is midasbuy, and is selected from the list of countries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The game page is searched for and then entered, and after that the appropriate wrenches category is chosen to be purchased.
  • The ID ID is entered in the designated field on the front of the website, and then the appropriate payment method is pressed.
    Click on the word Pay Now located at the bottom of the page, and then a set of instructions will appear, to be followed to complete the purchase.
    You then enter the game mail receiving wig or start the game and review the wrenches.

How to get the intensity of PUBG

The application store is entered from the Android phone, and the Google Opinion Rewards application is searched and downloaded, after which it is opened and the surveys that appear on it are completed to obtain sufficient credit to purchase the wrenches, and then go to the game of PUBG and then go to UC Purchase And choose to pay via Google Play balance.

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