How do you manage your money in the stock markets in the last days before Eid?


Mubasher – Mahmoud Gamal: With the approaching Eid Al-Fitr and in the last trading days during Ramadan 2021, experts identified for “Mubasher Info” 10 tips for those who wish to appropriately manage their money in the stock markets amid the tendency of some countries in the region to close comprehensively and others to tighten measures such as Egypt to confront the outbreak of the third wave of the Coronavirus. .

By the end of last week, the Egyptian Stock Exchange index rose 0.72%, and the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets increased by 2.2% for the first and 1.74% for the second, while the Saudi Stock Exchange fell by 1.8% and the Qatar Stock Exchange by 0.14%.

Extreme selectivity

For his part, Ayman Fouda, Chairman of the Financial Markets Committee of the African Economic Council, confirmed to “Mubasher Info” that the present time requires an appropriate strategy for investor dealing in the Egyptian and Gulf markets based on the extreme selectivity of strong stocks in terms of assets and quarterly profits while building new centers on the basis of Financial optimization test of purchase prices when a good return is achieved.

He pointed out that the investment portfolio should include one or two shares of the leading defensive stocks, such as those of mills and others that have to do with operational activities that cannot be dispensed with in daily life and which is also characterized by low price fluctuation to maintain the largest proportion of the capital with the need to activate the points of preservation of profits. And stop losses accurately without hesitation with any sudden declines.

He emphasized that abandoning the use of marginal buying until the direction of the markets in general and the Egyptian market in particular is on the upward trend in the short and medium term, thus reducing the risk ratios in the portfolio as well.

In turn, Hanan Ramses, an economic expert at the Freedom Securities Brokerage Company, told “Mubasher Information” that every money market in a country has its own nature. In Egypt, we advise dealers to reduce their positions in stocks, to reduce the debt in general in the money market and wait until the end of the festive period, and keep With adequate liquidity, to participate in the offering of new companies on the Nile Stock Exchange soon, most notably the offering of Al-Abd Contracting Company.

She indicated that with regard to the Gulf markets, which will start the Eid Al-Fitr holiday as in Egypt, starting next Wednesday and continuing for a period of 4 days, it advises the dealer with his personal funds to keep his shares and not to neglect them because the plans of these countries in developing the markets are clear and explicit, as well as maintaining sufficient liquidity to enter the new offer Saudi Arabia has said, for example, that it will exceed 24 proposals during this year, of which only 4 have already been implemented.

For his part, Ahmed Saad, a financial market expert, stressed that maintaining liquidity is the most prominent of these advice, but rather appropriate advice that makes the investor able to face losses in the event of a decline amid concerns related to the Corona virus, in addition to not investing in a single security, but rather diversifying between defensive and speculative stocks. .

The financial market expert added that the third advice is of the utmost importance, which is to carefully follow up the performance of the global markets for stocks, oil, gold and currencies, linking the performance of each of them to the other and the impact of each of them on the other. Fourth, following up on geopolitical shifts and economic crises through reliable sources, and not taking an investment decision on news. Unconfirmed or rumors.

Saad pointed out that the fifth advice is to choose the appropriate prices to buy shares, as the demand for buying in shares that have achieved exaggerated heights makes the investor vulnerable to losses inevitably, and the most appropriate prices that come after waves of decline that hit the markets as they are ready to bounce back again. Financially strong stocks to buy and see corporate results, financial position, assets, cash flows, and future projects.

Ahmed Saad explained that the seventh advice is to go to the shares of companies that have benefited from the Corona crisis, such as the food and medicine sector, referring to the eighth advice, saying: An investor who does not have the ability to analyze should place his portfolio under the management of a company licensed by the Financial Authority in his country.

He pointed out that the last advice, which is not to expand the margin purchases by investors so that they have the ability to make their decision away from any pressure.

In turn, Mina Rafiq, Research Director at Al Marwa Securities Brokerage, confirmed to “Mubasher Info” that before the blessed Eid Al Fitr holiday, the investor in the Gulf markets and Egypt should diversify his investment portfolio and maintain a liquidity ratio of at least one-third of the portfolio size and stay away from investing in shares of companies that It has low, high risk liquidity ratios.

For her part, Doaa Zaidan, an expert in financial markets at Tycoon Securities Brokerage, told “Mubasher Info” that managing the portfolio in the money market is the most important thing in which to set a strategy for trading and adhere to it and for the investor to be characterized by being deliberate in the decision and in the trading process, determining the appropriate market and selecting shares. With a bullish trend and high liquidity, with a study of the most important news of the sectors expected to rise in the coming period.

In turn, Mohamed Hassan, Managing Director of Bloom Egypt for Financial Investments, explained to “Mubasher Info” that the investor in the region’s markets during the coming period should carefully choose stocks by focusing on sectors that have the ability to rise, especially with the state’s orientation for some sectors such as digital transformation sectors. And others, in addition to focusing on the blue-chips, which are the best in terms of financial strength, liquidity and strong profits.

Hossam Eid, investment manager at the International Securities Brokerage Company, advised investors that in the pre-Eid period, the investor should not inject new money into the markets and maintain a liquidity ratio to reduce risk, and move away from speculative stocks with strong highs and lows until the crisis stabilizes and is limited, stressing that when Falling prices must be committed to the level of stop losses that were set before the opening of financial positions, and then make the decision to sell late after the end of the decline phase.

For his part, Ihab Yaqoub, director of the Guaranty Trading Company, advised to “Mubasher Info” the traders in the region’s markets to wait to sell, buy and choose the best news stocks with good financial performance, expecting that the Egyptian Stock Exchange will witness good and satisfactory performance until the Eid holiday.


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