How did he do that? .. The “provocative” Hazard act after the fall of Real Madrid?


Hazard Who participated in the meeting at “Stamford Bridge” since his inception, and was substituted just a minute before the end.Dordre diesAnd on his face, a broad smile sparked a storm of comments, as this happened two minutes after Real Madrid’s bitter defeat 0-2.

The Belgian star spent 7 years in Chelsea Before moving to Real Madrid in 2019, but this did not prevent him from receiving several criticisms, most notably what the famous sports commentator Don Hutchison said on “RADIO5LIVE”: “I just saw some strange scenes. Eden Hazard laughing with Kurt Zuma and Edward Mendy.”

He continued, according to the “Daily Star” website, “It is a semi-final (match) Champions League… I know they are friends but I can’t imagine Cristiano Ronaldo coming off the field to laugh (like this) after a loss Real Madrid“.

The famous commentator considered that this snapshot reveals “how relaxed Hazard is,” adding, “I do not criticize him … but I find it a bit strange.”

The controversial shot was also published by the “Talk Sport” account on Twitter, and received angry comments, among them what Danny Busichelio said: “He is probably supporting Chelsea … What else do we expect from him?”

While Hassin Ashraf said: “It is not among the best … but very far from that … it should be sold.”

But others considered it “normal” when a player met his old comrades, and one of them said, “He is a human … what did he do?”

Hazard was a crowning star at Chelsea during his golden period during the last decade, where he participated in 352 matches and scored 110 goals for the Blues, and at that time crowned the English Premier League, the Federation Cup, and the European League.

However, in 2019, he chose to move to the Spanish giants Real Madrid, but it was not easy for him inside the walls.Santiago BernabeuAs he suffered injuries that severely limited his playing time, and consequently, his form declined.

In Wednesday’s match, Hazard has appeared since the match for the second time in the last three months.

After the defeat, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane admitted that Hazard, the most expensive transfer dealer in Real Madrid’s history, was far from his level, but the only way for the Belgian player to return after two seasons with Real Madrid in which he was afflicted with injuries is his “participation in matches,” a statement. It seemed remarkable given the importance of yesterday’s match, which could have qualified the “Royal” to the final of the most expensive club championship in the world.

Zidane continued: “Eden must regain confidence and he needs to continue playing. Step by step, we will make sure that he recovers.”


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