Houria Farghali returns to America despite the success of her dangerous operation


Last update: 14 – May – 2021 7:00 pm

The Egyptian actress, who has performed several serious restoration operations in America, announced her return to America.

In the details, the Egyptian actress, Houria Farghali, revealed that she returned to the operating room again in America within months, after the success of her serious surgery to beautify and modify her nose.

Farghali announced during a TV interview with “IT Arabic” that she will travel to America again next August, in order to make a final medical examination on the new bone that was implanted inside her modified nose.

She also indicated that she may complete the last operation in order to widen her nostrils, in case the medical team ordered that.
Houria Farghali revealed in the televised interview that after her return to Egypt, she decided to love herself in her own way, by making a new haircut, buying a new dog as a substitute for her dog, who died in grief, as well as drawing a tattoo on her leg in her name.

And she stressed that she wiped out many personalities from her life, whether they were relatives or friends, or as she thought they were friends after they abandoned her while she was in her crisis, unlike what they were when she was in full health and stardom.

She also expressed her wish to embody the character of the Egyptian queen, Hatshepsut, or the Arab princess, with a passion, in a television or film work.

Houria Farghali’s previous statements came while attending a special event one of the nights of the month of Ramadan, in her first appearance to celebrate her return to Egypt, after the success of her nose transplant in the United States of America.

She said, “I am ready to represent tomorrow with full force, and the beginning of my work will be completely different from what was previously mentioned.”

Two weeks ago, Houria Farghali arrived in Cairo from the United States of America after the success of her recent nose operations. It is noteworthy that she had suffered an accident that fell on his trail from above her horse, which led to the shattering of her nose bones, after which she underwent several operations, all of which were unsuccessful.


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