Houria Farghali: “It is done for me,” the reason for all that I have endured in my life news


Actress Houria Farghali revealed that all that she suffered in her life from lack of marriage, childbearing, and illness due to a “work” thrown by one of them in her home!

Houria Farghali said: “I believe in envy and deed, for all of it is mentioned in the Qur’an, just as I found (work) in my house, on a day when she arranged the maid and found in one roll with many layers, she gave it to me and when it was opened, I found a sheet of writing with letters of my name ( Houria bint Iman does not have children, no marriage, no livelihood, a bedridden disease), “according to her statements to the” ninth “program, shown on the Egyptian Channel One screen and presented by the journalist Yusef al-Husseini.

Houria Farghali: She traveled for treatment after the cabinet’s intervention

And she continued: All this has been achieved, I cannot have children, I have not yet married, and I lived for two years without work and livelihood, and I had a disease that made me bedridden.

She added: I believe that this is the judgment of our Lord, and there is certainly wisdom from that.

Houria Farghali: My father did not call me to check on me after the operations

Before the American trip, Houria Farghali underwent many nose surgeries, which were shattered after falling from the horse during her training in equestrian sport years ago, but all operations were not successful, which exposed Farghali to health problems, difficulty breathing and a change in features to a large extent, as well as psychological problems. I pushed her to reduce impressions.

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