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​ The Astronomical Society in Jeddah announced that the Earth is facing a strong polar geomagnetic storm of class “G3”, as a result of a very fast solar storm.


Active spot in the northern half

According to a statement by the Astronomical Society, there is an active spot in the northern half of the sun’s disk known as “AR2822”, and that spot produced flares in the form of a solar storm on its way to Earth, and a magnetic explosion was observed last Sunday, May 9, in the southern half of the sun. Indicates the possibility of geomagnetic storms and the appearance of aurora lights.


The Astronomical Society explained, that this type of solar storm, which produces a geomagnetic storm, can produce lights of the aurora borealis and be bright over central Europe and the American states.

The difference between a solar storm and a geomagnetic storm

A solar storm is a temporary disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field, and the reason for this is the solar power, while a geomagnetic storm is caused by winds or solar storms, or a magnetic field cloud interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field.

In conjunction with the strong geomagnetic activity now taking place in the polar regions of the Earth, the emergence of very bright and active waves of the aurora in the sky of Alberta in Canada was observed.

The reason for the different colors of the aurora borealis

The reason for the different colors of the aurora lights is due to the nature of the Earth’s atmosphere, which consists of different gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. When charged particles coming from the sun, meaning “solar storm”, strike the atoms and molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere, those atoms are excited to give the light that everyone sees, and the atoms Different colors give different colors, and oxygen gives green.

A solar storm arrives during the day or tomorrow, and when that happens it could lead to problems with satellite technology, as it could ignite a G1 geomagnetic storm.

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