Hilal Al-Madina receives more than 17,387 calls during two-thirds of Ramadan – Saudi Arabia News


The spokesman for the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Madinah, Khaled bin Musaed Al-Sahli, confirmed that the operations of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the Medina of Al-Munawwarah received 17,387 calls during the first twenty days of the holy month, resulting in 2,649 emergency cases carried out by emergency teams. 1603 emergency cases were transferred and were treated or 1046 cases were refused or were not transferred for other reasons, and among these cases:

Normal patient, stable 747 cases.

Accidents related to vehicles or traffic: 340 cases

Fainting, 259 cases

Respiratory crises: 246 cases

Falling: 144 cases

The ambulance teams working in the field during the 24 hours in the region amount to about 60 emergency and advanced care teams, starting from the blessed month of Ramadan, and the extent of the need to increase these teams is almost continuously reviewed by district officials based on the indicators issued by the operating room completely electronically.

The volunteer hours accomplished by the volunteers of the authority reached 19,460 hours, 1,088 cases were directly completed, and 123 cases were transferred to the medical care teams stationed in the squares of the Prophet’s Mosque or health centers surrounding the Prophet’s Mosque. And 965 cases were dealt with without the need to transfer them, as emergency service is provided for the case at its site.

With regard to preventive measures to deal with suspected cases of infection with Coronavirus, the necessary precautions are taken from the beginning of receiving the report in the operating room and passed to the ambulance team that deals with the emergency case based on the approved medical protocols, and then the procedure ends with sterilizing the ambulance by the sterilization unit at the support center Automated city center.

It is noteworthy that the Commission in the Madinah region provides its ambulance services through 36 emergency centers equipped with the highest standards that contribute to providing outstanding emergency service to those in need. For use by different groups of society.


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