Henry went into a business to buy Arsenal


Henry admits to collaborating with Spotify founder Daniel Eck as part of the Arsenal purchase project.

  • Henry went into a business to buy Arsenal
    Thierry Henry

The “legend” of Arsenal and the former striker of the team, French Thierry Henry, indicated that he had collaborated with the founder of “Spotify”, the Swedish Daniel Icke, in a project aimed at buying the London club, warning that negotiations could take “a long time”.

Reports indicated that Henry’s former colleagues Patrick Vieira and Denis Bergkamp joined the project.

“He called us, and we listened to him,” said Henry (43 years) in an interview with “Sky Sports”, adding: “When we were certain that his goal was to immerse the crowd before anyone else, we met with the Association of Fans to tell them that what we want to do is To bring them back into the debate. ”

“Ike said he was raising the money to ensure that he secured a good deal. Now they have to listen and see what they can do,” he added.

Last week, the Swedish billionaire indicated on his Twitter page his interest in buying the “Gunner” club, owned by American billionaire Stan Kronke, through his group “Krunky Sports and Entertainment”.

“In recent days we have noticed speculation in the media regarding a takeover bid for Arsenal,” Kronke put down these rumors in their infancy, stressing, “We are still 100 percent committed to Arsenal and will not sell any stake in the club. We have not received any offer.” We will not accept any offer. “


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