Henry admits to collaborating with Daniel Eck as part of the Arsenal purchase


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London (AFP)

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has acknowledged his cooperation with the founder of the Swedish “Spotify” streaming giant in audio and music services “Spotify” in the project to buy the English club, but warned that negotiations could take “a long time”.

The name of the historic scorer of “The Gunners” was associated with his former teammates, Patrick Vieira and Dutch striker Dennis Bergkamp within the framework of the club’s sale, as pillars that Eck will base on in order to return Arsenal to the footballing front.

“He called us, and we listened to him,” Henry (43 years old) told Sky Sports on Monday night, adding, “When we realized that his goal was to indulge the fans before anyone else, we met with the Association of Fans to tell them that what we want to do is to get them back.” Debate. ”

Last week, the Swedish billionaire indicated on his Twitter page his interest in buying the “Gunner” club, owned by American billionaire Stan Kronke, through his group “Krunky Sports and Entertainment” (KSA).

However, Kronke extinguished the flames of these rumors in their infancy by saying in a statement, “In recent days we have noticed speculation in the media regarding the Arsenal club takeover offer,” stressing, “We are still 100 percent committed to Arsenal and will not sell any stake in the club. We have not received any offer.” We will not accept any offer. ”

According to Henry, the Swedish billionaire “wants to recover the DNA of Arsenal, his long-lost identity”.

“Ike said he raised the money to ensure that he secured a good deal. Now they have to listen and see what they can do,” he added.

The former international striker, who led Arsenal to win the 2003-2004 season without losing a match, confirmed that “the acquisition process will take a long time, and if that happens, things will not be easy.”

Arsenal are ninth in the Premier League and are on their way to their worst result since 1995.

However, the chance for him to return to the Champions League next season for the first time in five years collides with his loss to Villarreal of Spain 1-2 in the first leg of the semi-final round of the European League competition in the “Europa League”, where he must turn the tables on his opponent backwards. In London Thursday.


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