Heavy drinking and drug abuse … Prince Harry recounts his own experience


Prince Harry, 36, revealed that he used drugs while talking about “acting crazy” during his youth in a conversation with actor Dax Shepherd about his drug and alcohol addiction problems.

The Duke of Sussex made the remarks on the Shepherd podcast, which is devoted to mental health.

Prince superstar married to actress Kristen Bell was asked about his fight with drugs in high school, adding if he was sure what drove him toward drugs as a teenager.

Harry said, “My upbringing was the drive and all the trauma, pain and suffering I faced. Suddenly you find yourself using a lot of drugs and constantly attending parties. Look at the number of people who did as well. They weren’t conscious enough at the time.”

“I definitely didn’t have enough awareness when I was acting crazy. I was thinking why I was doing that? The answer was that it was fun when I was in my twenties and this is what you are supposed to do,” he said, referring to his personal experience.

He knows that Prince Harry used to drink excessively and smoked marijuana when he was in his twenties and when Prince Charles realized, he took him to visit a drug abuse center, where former addicts warned him that their addiction began with drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

Harry’s comments came on the Shepherd Podcast in which he revealed his unhappiness as a member of the royal family.

He also said he was willing to do anything to hide his relationship with Megan when she spent time in Kensington Palace for the first time, where they went to the supermarket “in disguise” and “pretending they did not know each other.”


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