“Health”: There is no specific treatment for “Covid-19” .. Go to the emergency room if shortness of breath continues – Saudi News


The Ministry of Health confirmed that there is currently no specific treatment for the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), but upon infection, a person can relieve symptoms at home by several steps.

She stated that the steps are to take a rest when the temperature rises, drink enough fluids to avoid dehydration and take a fever reducer such as paracetamol, as well as drink plenty of warm fluids that help reduce sore throat.

She explained that among the steps: attention to healthy food, a lot of vegetables and fruits that enhance immunity, and avoid unhealthy food, and if the patient suffers from a cough, it is better to avoid lying on his back, lying on his side or sitting upright.

“Health” revealed that nutritional supplements are not intended to treat or prevent infection with the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, but some vitamins and minerals may have effects on how the immune system works to fight infection, such as vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, but it is not necessary. Take it without consulting your physician.

She explained that in the event of feeling slight shortness of breath, the affected person should try to calm down and not feel panic because it can make the matter worse, and the person can sit upright on the chair and relax his shoulders, taking an inhale through the nose while keeping the mouth closed and then exhale slowly from the mouth, with Note that if shortness of breath continues or worsens, you should call (937) or go directly to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.


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