Health experts reveal: “Anxiety” is behind the feeling of side effects of Corona vaccines


Health officials in the United States came to a surprising conclusion that “anxiety” was the cause of fainting, dizziness, and temporary reactions in dozens of those who received Vaccines The anti-Corona virus, regardless of the type of vaccine, many people get panic about the injection in a way that stimulates a physical reaction to them, according to what was published by the American Al-Hurra website.

The Canadian researcher, Noni MacDonald, has worked on studying similar incidents, and she said that these symptoms were expected before, We knew we were going to see this. “

According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDCIt received reports on side effects over a period of 3 days, during the month of April, from 5 clinics in California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and North Carolina, based on interviews with clinic staff and the reports they prepared.

According to reports, 64 people had symptoms, some of them fainted or dizzy, while others developed nausea or vomiting, and a number of people showed a rapid heartbeat or chest pain, along with other symptoms, but no one developed any serious symptoms.

The officials emphasized that there was no reason to suspect that there was a problem with the vaccine itself, and that they believed that “tension” was an underlying cause of the symptoms recorded..

And a British study has revealed that the most common side effects of Covid-19 vaccines are pain, or slight pain when touching the injection site, or the appearance of ulcers in the arm, and approximately one in four people suffers from wider side effects such as fever, Headache, nausea, and fatigue.

But these effects did not last, on average, only one day, and the researchers involved in the completion of the study “Application of the Zo Covid Symptom Study” concluded that the reactions recorded remain much less, compared to what was observed in clinical trials.


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