Health: Corona vaccine prompts the immune system to create antibodies to the virus


The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that Corona vaccines Infection with the virus does not cause the person who received the vaccine, but rather prompts the immune system to respond as much as possible as if it were its initial response to the virus or bacteria.

The Ministry of Health and Population added: The vaccines contain parts of the virus that have been weakened or inactivated, a “dead virus”, which leads to an immune response inside the body.

And that, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization issued on May 27, 2020, the disappearance of symptoms for 10 days after infection is an indication of the patient’s recovery from the Corona virus.

The Ministry of Health and Population continues to raise its preparations in all governorates of the Republic, follow the situation first-hand regarding the “emerging corona” virus, and take all necessary preventive measures against any viruses or infectious diseases, and the ministry has also allocated a number of communication means to receive citizens’ inquiries about the emerging corona virus and infectious diseases. , Including the hotline “105”, “15335” and the WhatsApp number “01553105105”.


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