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The financing card without a plan: Towards the Great Depression

Hariri Hardan from Le Drian: Does he apologize?

Hariri is caught between Riyadh and Hezbollah

– The fifth session of the Naqoura negotiations: Lebanon is facing the mediator, not the enemy!

A new round of Saudi-Iranian talks soon Bin Salman to Tehran: I will not be normalized with Israel!

– Abbas turns the page on the elections: the priority is to “destroy” the resistance in the West Bank!

Building :
– A first round of negotiations according to Line 29 … Today, a technical and legal debate that shows the actual options of the American mediator

– Hariri’s apology on the table in light of Le Drian’s visit … and French and Saudi considerations … and the concern of failure!

Rationalizing support: Why are depositors not granted a percentage of their deposit reserves in exchange for their exclusion from the financing card?

Hariri is seriously considering the apology in response to the French “circular” and the Saudi “veto”

– The financing card without funding .. Salameh has made up his mind: I will not touch the mandatory reserves without a law

– 9 months after August 4 and the families of the victims: the time for peaceful actions is over
Major General:

Le Drian’s Mission Today: One last attempt before it’s too late

– Bassil seeks to deport Hariri and accuses the Constitutional Council of darkness.

– The card is looking for financing

– A visit to Le Drian, an opportunity to compose or a precursor to escalation … and “Debut 6 is subject to communication

– Talk of apology precedes Le Drian

– The Saudis started with the Assad dialogue … and Lebanon awaits

Tense atmosphere and Hariri’s apology is a serious choice

– An-Nahar publishes the verbatim text of the ministerial project for supply energy and subsidy rationalization

– Options are open with the visit of Le Drian .. And the only option for the issue of support: to stop the depletion of funds


– A Western diplomat in Beirut said that the Lebanese politicians were the ones who punished French President Emmanuel Macron and his foreign minister for lectures of chastity and transcendence, believing that the concerned political class is an isolated political class opposite a Lebanese street that supports France and that they are corrupt and France has no interests, and the outcome is equivalent to weakness and interest.

– A Gulf official said that Lebanon represents the balance of sizes and roles in the region, so it is divided in the stages of regional and international confrontations, and when the settlements begin, it must wait because it has the satisfaction rewards and the demarcation of volumes after stabilizing the balances in the main squares, and this will take months.

Major General
Insiders convey the discomfort of a Western capital from the data it has about the reasons for the failure of a planned meeting between two poles in it.

– The process of ending the school and university academic year faces more than one dilemma, in terms of promotion, payment of installments, and admission to universities!

– Influential bodies hold sectoral breakfasts for some close elites, and these remain far from the spotlight!
The news
A judicial decision confirms the validity of the options of two political parties who were almost alone in their rejection of the continued waste in a vital sector or its legalization.

– Political circles acknowledge the correctness of advice that a political authority gave to an official official but did not take it.
The Republic
– A great spiritual reference who told a presidential authority that all the positions attributed to him to sources close to him are incorrect and contain a lot of diligence.

– Partisan circles consider that whoever claims the rights of his sect is the one who is wasting it.

– Human rights authorities began preparing to file complaints at home and abroad to prosecute a senior official if he insisted on violating the constitution and harming the depositors’ money from the mandatory reserve.

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