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– The resistance strikes in the West Bank: “the lone wolves” are terrifying Israel

The final draft of the financing card: 137 dollars in cash for each family in green currency

– Two complaints in Paris: a European “siege” of Salameh

– “The Qaraoun disaster”: these are the reasons

Aoun to the negotiating delegation: Amending Decree 6433 is an option
Building :

– A Gulf movement towards Syria … and the “nationalist” denounces the Turkish occupation … and praises the resistance in Palestine

– The demarcation tour according to the presidential directives, after the decree’s disputes … and Russian experts to check the maps!

Le Drian: A blame raised or a shift between the Hariri mystery and the fragility of sanctions … and where are Moscow and Riyadh?

– Stay tuned for the demarcation negotiations, and Washington is “comfortable”: Do not give Hezbollah an “excuse”!

– Le Drian’s sanctions are insufficient and the regional and international cover is the “secret” of success or failure?

– A “race” between lifting the subsidy and the financing card, and the dispute continues between Diab and Salameh
Major General:

– Le Drian in Beirut at a favorable moment: the government or turning the tables!

A new test for the maritime negotiations today … and the legislation of the ration card from the Serail to the Council

– Le Drian to deter the demons of obstruction … Lebanon has the lowest rating … and Diab threatens the Lebanese deposits
– “Le Drian’s List”: Decisive Ironing or Explosion?
– Lebanon faces last-minute attempts … living in the support file, and France in the government file

– A former diplomat called for attention to the absence of any serious Arab and Western criticism of the Syrian presidential elections compared to the loud voice in the face of the 2014 elections, noting that the elections are taking place like the previous one without the partnership of Arab and Western-backed forces, considering that this is clear evidence of the intention to deal with the election results as a fait accompli. Imposed by the victories of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Political sources questioned whether the exclusion of the president in charge of forming the government, Saad Hariri, from the main appointments of the French Foreign Minister, is an indication of a regional change related to a Saudi or local request related to seeking to appear in a neutral position and linking the meeting to other meetings with political parties?
– It was found that money allocated for roads and infrastructure from a European donation was distributed according to political and sectarian quotas, and sums of it were allocated to roads that only a few follow, while other roads were neglected.

– Despite the rush to vaccination centers and the lack of close dates for those who wish, the numbers show that the percentage of the Lebanese who received the vaccination is still low.

– It was noticed that political and party references have begun to adapt to the current reality, by surrounding new advisory teams and isolating the old

– There is talk about an excess of funds withheld and allocated to the education of displaced Syrians, which raises questions about non-payment of teachers’ dues since the start of the school year
Major General
– It is understood from Western diplomatic circles that Lebanon is not on the agenda of countries concerned with regional arrangements during the coming months of this year.

– A loyal leader of the movement struck a circle of secrecy over his assessment of his visit to a major country, and hearing constants that surprised him with the person in charge of the Lebanon file in the foreign affairs of this country.

– Some non-civilian agencies resorted to unprecedented measures to save food and not affect performance, in the face of difficult financial conditions.
The Republic
– A political reference expressed his regret at what the Arab-Arab relations had reached, commenting on a decision recently taken by a sister country.

A UN official suggested to senior officials the necessity of an objective approach to a very sensitive file and said: The emerging dispute over this file may lead to a dangerous explosion.

Diplomatic sources uncovered a conviction among the capitals of the decision of the impossibility of coexistence between two Lebanese authorities, and thus the necessity of discussing an alternative option.
The news
– Two official references are consistent in a fateful decision despite its catastrophic consequences if it is accompanied by fundamental measures.

– External punitive measures have become the victim after being stripped of the harmonic umbrella.

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