Headlines and secrets of newspapers published in Beirut this morning, Saturday May 8, 2021 – Al-Manar Channel website – Lebanon


– A high alert for the resistance, at various levels, to keep pace with the enemy’s maneuvers … Mr. Nasrallah to the Israelis: Beware of mistakes!

Obituary to the financing card: Salameh makes the removal of subsidies a fait accompli

– Saudi Arabia – Lex »: documents of the Gulf – American strategic alliance

– Le Drian in Beirut: “recognition” of the French failure

Le Drian: I only found devastating hatreds here

– The “forces” stabbed the electricity advance: a light that will not last

A mobile Israeli escalation in Jerusalem and the resistance warns: Our response is coming

– The Egyptian-Turkish “reconciliation” is almost completed

– Jerusalem commemorates its day with blood in Al-Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah … and “Jihad”: Expect our response at any moment

– Le Drian mourns the French initiative … and Hariri before assessing the task between formation and an apology

– Sayyed Nasrallah: We will not interfere in demarcating the borders … We warn the occupation against any mistake during the maneuvers

– Sayyid Nasrallah delivers a comprehensive, logical and qualitative speech and warns “Israel” of any mistake it commits against Lebanon

– France prevents “disabled and corrupt” Lebanese officials from entering its territory

– Paula Murad, political forces have begun preparing for the stage after Hariri’s apology

– Lifting subsidies kicked off … after poultry and medical supplies

Major General:
European preparations for the punitive “Lebanon Law” … and the government is between two axes!

– Aoun to the Council of Ministers approves the financing card, Diab refuses … and parallel maneuvers by the Israeli government tomorrow

– Riyadh confirms talks with Tehran: We want verifiable actions

Vienna 4: To a new agreement before the Iranian presidential elections


– Le Drian left as he attended, threatening .. the government is waiting for mediations .. “Central”: Do not harm the reserve


– Le Drian modifies the initiative and blows the election boom

Saudi Arabia: Dialogue with Iran to reduce tension in the region

– Le Drian left the equation between the obstructors and the facilitators, and the obstacles to writing remained .. And the support crisis heralds the next eruption.


– A prominent political reference said that in the remainder of the month of May there will be one possibility of the birth of the new government or the apology of the appointed president, because the issue has become confined between the two options.

European diplomatic sources put American talk about Syria, despite its escalatory nature, in the circle of disregard for the Arab approach to Syria, considering that the American conditions were set in the way of reconstruction and ignored the presidential elections and Arab openness, so it is correct to say that it is a rejection in the place of acceptance.

Major General
– An expert in “strategies to intervene in the affairs of the region internationally,” believes that a process of dismantling the ruling system has already been put on the track.

– Official bodies are keen to slow down or dilute international requests related to the financial situation in Lebanon for a number of issues within the “red circle.”

All educational institutions face real problems at different stages, in terms of salaries, equipment, and the emigration of educational staff!

The Republic
– Working circles confirmed on a vital file that a concerned official accepts several ideas, but he is cautious and afraid to announce his position before knowing the position of another concerned official.

Car thefts of a certain type are extensively recorded in several regions.

– A political reference said that the electricity file is the most dangerous, and it is feared that we will move it to Lebanon.

The news
– Formal steps after a security scandal that did not change anything in an external decision towards Lebanon.

A psychological and media war is an essential part of a sensitive step that will leave serious repercussions if it is not accompanied by accompanying measures.

Source: Newspapers


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