He spotted a burning comet at the end of his life


Saudi News, Saudi News Today: A burning comet was detected at the end of his life Source of the news – the Saudi citizen with details of the news detected a burning comet at the end of his life:

Saudi News Today 17-05-2021

He spotted a burning comet at the end of his life

Citizen – Muhammad Daoud – Jeddah

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Engineer Majed Abu Zahra, explained that astronomers were finally able to observe a comet nearing the end of its life, as they found that it was covered with talcum powder, but they had no idea why.

Observe the comet nucleus

And he indicated that it is usually very difficult to observe a comet’s nucleus, so when comets are close enough to observe, they become active, as any flying ice, such as water and ammonia, evaporates under the intense heat of the sun and a comet’s comet is formed, which has a beautiful appearance except that it blocks the core Comets far from the sun are inert, too far from being observed.

The scorching crust of a comet

Abu Zahira continued, saying, “Astronomers were lucky in 2016 with comet P / 2016 BA14 (Pan Stars), which mistakenly believed that it was an asteroid when it was first discovered, but subsequent observations showed that it is a burning crust of a comet, after several very close approaches. From the sun, he simply lost nearly all of his ice.

Closer to the sun

Abu Zahira concluded by saying, that the talc analysis found that the comet had been heated at one time to more than 330 degrees Celsius, which is a much higher temperature than its current orbit would allow, and this indicates that the comet was at one point able to approach a distance closer than The sun, however, the team is not sure whether talcum powder was present all the time – and only revealed once the comet lost its comet – or formed later, and this finding provides valuable evidence for the life cycle of comets and perhaps further studies of the comet’s nucleus will enable scientists to learn more about Comets Evolution.
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