He rejected Real Madrid’s lawsuit against the Spanish League


He rejected Real Madrid's lawsuit against the Spanish League


The Spanish Football League (LaLiga) announced today, Thursday, that the Court of First Instance No. 67 in the Spanish capital, Madrid, has completely rejected a lawsuit filed by Real Madrid against LaLiga.

Real objected to the role of LaLiga in the commercial administration of audiovisual rights, thus not approving the accounts of the 2018-2019 season, and demanded the total amount, which is estimated at 23,892,977 euros.

According to LaLiga, Real Madrid was aiming to “reduce” its role to become just an official competition supervisor and a collection officer from the operators, but the verdict “highlights the clear role that La Liga plays in the commercial management of audiovisual rights and the commitment that this implies to ensure optimal management and investment of resources. In order to obtain the highest possible economic return from marketing. “

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In a statement, the Association stated that the ruling confirms that “in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree Law, LaLiga is attributed, in addition to marketing powers, production powers” ​​in order to “make the audiovisual content more attractive and more valuable.”

Consequently, the court’s decision rejects the appeal against the annual accounts and the accountability request submitted by Real Madrid, bearing in mind, among other reasons, that the club “received complete and extensive information about the marketing and promotional function of LaLiga” and allowed it to access all information related to it. With the action that she did.

The association, chaired by Javier Tebas, announced that it “fully appreciates this ruling which reaffirms the powers of LaLiga to continue working and benefit from the main tools that allowed it to compete on an equal footing in the market, and to preserve and increase the value of audiovisual rights, with the implications of that.” Benefits of the global professional football ecosystem.

Source: “Agencies”


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