He expressed his hope that it would succeed .. Reuters: A Saudi Foreign Ministry official confirms holding talks with Iran | Saudi News


The official said it was too early to reach any specific conclusions on the talks

Reuters quoted a Saudi foreign ministry official as confirming talks between the kingdom and Iran.

The Saudi official expressed his hope for the success of the talks, adding that it was too early to reach any specific conclusions.

The Saudi diplomat made clear that the talks with Iran were aimed at exploring ways to reduce tension in the region.

The New York Times recently quoted Iraqi and Iranian officials as saying that the head of Saudi intelligence last month began secret talks with a high-ranking Iranian security official in Baghdad.

The American newspaper reported that the talks came to discuss controversial issues, including the war in Yemen and Iranian-backed militias in Iraq.

On April 18, the British Financial Times newspaper said that high-ranking officials from Saudi Arabia and Iran held direct talks in an attempt to mend relations after 4 years of cutting diplomatic ties.

However, a Saudi official immediately denied to the newspaper that any talks had taken place between the two sides, before Riyadh and Tehran gave indications that such talks could be held without official confirmation.

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