He died the moment of his death in the series .. Algeria says farewell to Balaha Ben Zayan


The able Algerian actor Balaha Ben Zian passed away on Sunday at the age of 68 in the Military Hospital of Oran, after suffering with illness And in conjunction with the presentation of his series «Ashour tenth» During the month of Ramadan, according to what Algerian media reported.

Balaha Ben Zayan was famous among the Algerians as “Al-Nuri”. The pioneers of social media circulated the last scene of the artist Balaha in the 19th episode of the series, where he fell unconscious before entering the Sultan’s hall, a scene that the followers said was the precursor to the death of “Al-Nuri”. Tweeters explained that the death of Balaha coincided by chance with his death in his last series.

The able actor had had successful heart surgery earlier, which was very successful. “Al-Nouri” was born in 1953 in Oran, and left a record of 42 years of giving in the field of art. His works began to appear on television in 1974.

Balaha Ben Zayan excelled in performing roles of humor in drama and theater, which made him popular among Algerians and won him a wide audience as well. Among the most famous humorous roles he played was the role of “al-Nuri” in the three parts of the social humor series “Ashour the Tenth”, which was the role of a minister working under the authority of “Sultan Ashour the Tenth”, as he was a competitor to the role of “the hero king.”


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