Hariri “Hardan” from Le Drian … and 3 possible alternatives!


Saad Hariri Hardan. This time he expelled him not from President Michel Aoun or from Representative Gebran Bassil, but from his international sponsor. For a long time, Hariri had no one in the world except for French President Emmanuel Macron and his administration. But the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, will visit Beirut today, without having asked for a date to meet Hariri, which caused the latter to be rejected. The team of the president in charge of forming the government has become a rumor since yesterday morning that it is considering an apology for not continuing its mission. Saudi messages are raining down on him, rejecting his assumption of the premiership. While Hariri was still counting on Egypt on the Arab side, and on France internationally, Le Drian came, asking to meet Presidents Aoun and Nabih Berri, without asking for a date to meet the future president. The latter, according to those close to him, sees in Le Drian’s disregard for him, a confirmation of equality between him and Bassil, and a victory for the head of the powerful Lebanon bloc, whom he was quoted as saying: “Either Saad and I are in the government, or Saad and I are outside it.”

The President-designate was rumored to be threatening European sanctions that would prompt him to apologize. But it seemed that what was inferior to punishing him caused him to brandish an escape from responsibility. According to figures always associated with decision-making circles in Paris, Hariri made a mistake when he rejected the initiative of Emmanuel Macron, who invited him to a reconciliation meeting with Bassil in the French capital. Macron is not only the last international custodian of Hariri, but he is the one who led international contacts for the release of the Lebanese prime minister on the day he was kidnapped in Riyadh.

The Lebanese contacts with the French side did not stop yesterday, seeking to obtain an appointment from Le Drian to visit Wadi Abu Jamil. Le Drian, who did not stop “quietly” political officials in Beirut, holding them responsible for the collapse and “obstructing the political process” and threatening them with sanctions, is still expected by the politicians themselves, in order to determine the course that the political crisis will take centered on the failure to form a government, As about the economic, monetary and financial collapse worsening day after day.
At this time, discussions began on Hariri alternatives, and three possibilities are being discussed:
– Najib Mikati with a government project of 24 ministers, including 6 politicians and 18 “specialists.”
– Fouad Makhzoumi, who is preferred by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and whom the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, David Hale, asked about on his recent visit to Beirut more than someone he met.
– A figure chosen by Hariri, and approved by Saudi Arabia.
In all cases, the main questions currently being asked are the following:
Is Hariri serious about apologizing, or is he maneuvering to push his partners to make concessions to him, as well as to cut time, in order to get rid of the burden of the decision to cancel subsidies on basic commodities that will open the door to a great collapse?
– If he apologizes, will Hariri go out to the “opposition”, or will he seek a settlement by participating in naming a replacement for him?
– In the event that Hariri abdicates the premiership, will France, and its successors Saudi Arabia and the United States of America return to trying to impose their first candidate, former Ambassador Nawaf Salam? And what will be the position of the forces opposing this option, especially since they are a minority (MP Gebran Bassil is ready to support Nawaf Salam’s arrival to the Saraya)?


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