Hani Al-Beheiry honored at the Arab Oscar Festival in Dubai as the best fashion designer


05/14 20:35

The management of the “Arab Oscar” festival honored the Egyptian fashion designer Hani Al-Beheiry, within the activities of the fifth session that will be held on May 19 in Dubai. The festival also witnesses honoring the distinguished stars of art and media, from various Arab countries, especially in the Ramadan drama season 2021.

The honoring of Al-Beheiri in the “Arab Oscar” headed by Muhannad Al-Ghazzawi is the second in a row, as he was honored in the fourth session of the festival that was held last year in Cairo, under the auspices of the Libyan Ministry of Culture and the Arab Union for Culture.

Al-Beheiri contributed to the design of many wedding dresses that starred art stars, during the Ramadan drama season 2021, and “Trend” topped the various social media sites, and won the admiration of the public.

The most prominent stars who starred in wedding dresses designed by Al-Beheiri in the Ramadan drama season were Yasmine Abdel Aziz in the series “The One Maloush Kabir”, Ghada Abdel Razek in “Meat Ghazal”, and Sabreen in “All with Love.”

In the series “Fares Without Passports”, 4 female artists starred in wedding dresses designed by international Hani Al-Beheiri, and they are “Sawsan Badr, Bushra, Hedy Karam, Mai Selim, Nada Musa.”

Hany El-Beheiry is an ambassador for Egyptian and Arab fashion in Europe, Asia and North Africa, and recently participated in the Paris World Fashion Week for summer and spring 2021 “online”, due to the precautionary measures imposed by the Corona virus on international fashion festivals.

He also participated as the first Egyptian in the Spanish Fashion Week for Arab and Oriental brides for the second year in a row, in addition to his distinctive imprint of French, Italian, Jordan and Kazakhstan fashion weeks, in addition to his choice to participate in the Fashion Week in the historic French city «Toulouse» or «Godfather of the Toulouse Fashion Week», as « The Godfather », to be supporting the fashion designers participating in the event, for the second year in a row.

For the third year in a row, Al-Beheiry uniquely designed the most expensive wedding dress in the world, through which he demonstrated the ability of Egyptian fashion makers to attract the world’s attention.

The dress for the first year was wore by the artist “Yousra Al-Lawzi”, which was valued at $ 5 million, and for the second year it was worn by the Lebanese star, “Nicole Saba”, and was estimated at 200 million Egyptian pounds, as it was completely hand-embedded with beads of free diamonds.

And recently, everyone who followed international fashion was surprised by a wedding dress designed by Al-Buhairi made of free diamonds, estimated at $ 15 million, worn by the artist Mai Omar.

Al-Beheiry was honored by the UNESCO Foundation in France, in recognition of his excellence in the French Fashion Week, as he was the only Egyptian participating in its seasons for nearly 15 years, and contributed to the success of the “Oriental Fashion Show”.


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