Hanan Mutawa reveals to “Al Ain News” the scenes of “Cairo Kabul”


The Egyptian actress Hanan Mutawa was born in a family that reveres art and appreciates its role. Her father is the late artist Karam Mutawa.

Hanan Mutawa’s mother is the superstar Suhair Al-Morshedy.

Hanan came to the world with an innate talent that makes her characters easy, and her crossing over to the audience does not require permission.

In her new series “Cairo Kabul”, which is competing strongly in the Ramadan 2021 drama race, she succeeded in attracting attention and grabbing cries of admiration because of her ingenuity in embodying the character of “Manal Hassan”. A difficult test between her feelings for this person and her love for her country.

Egyptian actress Hanan Mutawa

“Al-Ain News” met with the actress Hanan Mutawa to talk about the difficulties that faced the filming of “Cairo Kabul” and the common features between her and her character in the series.

Did you take a long time to prepare for the character of “Manal Hassan” in “Cairo Kabul”?

I do not know the exact period of time it took to prepare the character, but in general I have studied all its details well, as I always consider the characters that I play difficult; So I’m making a great effort to unite with her, and present something different to the audience.

Egyptian actress Hanan Mutawa

Filming the series stopped more than once … How did you deal with this matter?

The series was supposed to be shown in Ramadan 2020, and for many circumstances, filming was postponed for 9 months, and this topic is very disturbing to the actor.

Because when I returned to filming I made a great effort to restore the condition in terms of sound, performance and spirit, and thank God I succeeded in that and received many praises confirming my ability to unite with the character and convey all its feelings to the audience.

Egyptian actress Hanan Mutawa

A: Some have noticed clear changes in your features in a number of episodes .. What is the reason?

Indeed, my face appears swollen in some scenes, and the reason is that I started filming about 3 months after childbearing, and after that filming stopped for a long time, and work was resumed after a year, all this period I changed my features.

Egyptian actress Hanan Mutawa

What were the reasons that encouraged you to participate in “Cairo Kabul”?

The work is written by Abdul Rahim Kamal, and it is beautifully written, and the director is Hussam Ali and has a very special vision, and it includes a group of the most important acting stars, and the character that you embody is very difficult, and I have not presented it before.

I was enthusiastic about the character of “Manal Hassan” because of its difficult makeup. She is a romantic girl who loved from childhood, and the person she loved turned into a terrorist, and State Security Officer “Khaled Al-Sawy” uses her to reach this person, and finds herself in a difficult dilemma and a struggle between her feelings and her duty to her homeland. In the end, they are aligned with their homeland

Egyptian actress Hanan Mutawa

What is the common feature between you and Manal Hassan’s personality?

Love of the Arabic language, I really adore this language and are fond of all its details and aesthetics, as well as the character that I play in the series, as she is a teacher of the Arabic language and loves this language and teaches it with great love.

Manal Hassan, a real character or from the writer’s imagination?

it is not real.

Egyptian actress Hanan Mutawa

How did you get nominated for the role?

Hossam Shawky nominated me as the general supervisor of Synergy, which produced the series.

Did Hanan Mutawa add to the character that the writer drew?

I considered that the addition lies only in the soul, I strive to unite with the character and add my soul to it, and thank God the audience believed her, sympathized with her, and interacted with all the circumstances surrounding her.

What is your evaluation of Ramadan’s dramatic season?

I am definitely happy with the level and size of the works presented, and their striking diversity, and everyone has done everything in their power to present wonderful works of art that satisfy the public and admire the critics, and with all my heart I wish everyone success.


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