Hala Shiha wears the hijab again after marrying Moez Masoud


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The artist, Hala Shiha, surprised her followers by updating her personal image through her Instagram account and she appeared in the picture wearing the hijab, and Hala was satisfied with placing it as a personal photo for her account and did not publish any recent photos with the hijab.

After the actress Hala Shiha announced the marriage of producer Moez Masoud, she deleted many of the pictures for bold filming sessions that she underwent after she returned again to art, and replaced them with family pictures that she collected with her husband, their children, and religious prayers.

Preacher and journalist Moez Masoud, and artist Hala Shiha, celebrated her marriage contract on February 9 in a major hotel, and Hala Shiha commented on her marriage contract by posting a picture of the ceremony on her Instagram page, saying: “A very special moment for us.”


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