Hakim reveals when his new song will be released


The Egyptian artist Hakim revealed the date of the release of his new song.Tonight is a feastOn the day of the endowment, he wrote on his official page on the social networking site: “Tonight’s song is a feast, God willing, on the day of the endowment, every year and you are good, God willing, we will repeat and we are all happy.”
Hakim had raised a great controversy among the public after he wrote a post on his own page on the social networking site, in which he says: “By saying manhood is not long and not long, and whoever is full after hunger, he will prefer throughout his life the righteous man, Hakim.” However, he did not specify the identity of the person he meant by his words .
Hakim also recently released his new song, “Eat to Barra”, on his official YouTube channel.


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