Habib received an offer to confront Mayweather for $ 100 million


Ali Abdel Aziz, the Russian business manager Habib Nurmagomedov, announced that the former world champion in mixed martial arts with the UFC, refused to fight, for $ 100 million.
Abdel Aziz said that Habib received an offer to play against former world champion American boxing Floyd Mayweather for a hundred million dollars, and he said, “Yes, a hundred million dollars, ask Floyd, but Habib said no, I retired, and I told my mother that I finished my professional career, and I will keep my word.” “.
Habib had called Mayweather before his retirement, specifically in October – October 2018, to enter a historic contest, but according to the rules of mixed martial arts (MMA), and said, “Come on, Floyd, I am ready to fight against you, a hero who has not been defeated completely, come on.” Let’s meet … in the jungle there is only one king … he is me. “
Mayweather, 44, won 50 fights without losing, including 27 by knockout, while Habib, 32, won 27 victories in 27 matches.


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