Gulf News Al-Ahly United announces the first prize out of 4 prizes worth one million dollars for the year 2021


Ahli United Bank announced the winner of the first quarterly prize of one million US dollars for the year 2021. This award comes within the new version of the Hassadi program for this year, and it was the share of Abdul Ilah Saleh Abdul Rahman.

It is worth noting that Abdul Rahman is a recently retired first accountant, and he has been a customer of Ahli United Bank for 32 years. He expressed his great joy at winning, saying, “I have never dreamed of becoming a millionaire. This award will change my life greatly, as I am now planning to move to a new home. I liked very much the way the bank delivered the news to me. When the news reached me, all What I was expecting was just a visit on the occasion of Qaraqoon. I thank the bank and the team working in it very much, as I started investing in the Harvest program based on their advice to me. That is why I advise family, friends and everyone who has big dreams to participate in the program.

Soprat Saigal, Group Executive Vice President – Consumer Banking, commented, “It is great to see more of Hassadi’s clients enter the millionaires club. This has been our goal since the start of the year, and this victory is a testament to this trend. In fact. , The latest version of My Hassad will offer more big prizes throughout the year.It is worth noting that we have also simplified the process of subscribing to the oldest and largest savings program in the Kingdom, as new customers can now open their accounts digitally at any time and place through the new version of our mobile app Smart which was updated early this year.

The Hassaadi program began this year with a lot of excitement, given the size and number of prizes that will be presented throughout the year. The prizes for the new edition include four major prizes of $ 1 million, four quarterly prizes of $ 100,000, in addition to 50 monthly prizes of $ 1,000.


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