Gulf News A joint cooperation between “STC” and “Huawei” to build an advanced content delivery network


Carried outstcBahrain has signed a memorandum of understanding with Huawei, with the aim of building an advanced content delivery network, which will support sectors Various works at the regional and global levels. This cooperation between the two parties will also contribute to improving the customer experiencestcthe two seas

With the increasing demand for video and game data, this service will ensure an exceptional user experience The content delivery network service will be supported by the premium infrastructure ofstcBahrain is on the fastest transfer of data in the download process on the Internet, which will allow all service providers from Various sectors such as advertising, e-commerce, media, electronic games, health and educational services, and others store private content It is safe and closer to the users to avoid delays and reduce response time.

Through this partnership, which aims to provide content delivery services, it confirmsstcBahrain for its primary role in providing an exceptional digital experience for users inside and outside Bahrain. It will also workstcBahrain and Huawei are developing content and making it locally appropriate, ranging from dynamic content to multiple types of content Needs. This service will be supported by advanced full matching technologies to enable access to multiple devices. This partnership will also improve download times for data from websites and improve response time in addition to Improved video-on-demand download speed.

Engineer Nizar Banbeh, CEO of the company, commentedstcBahrain, saying: “We are working to revolutionize network technologies in Bahrain so that we can provide Excellent services for the region. We are also working on plans to develop content delivery networks with our strategic partner Huawei, which will raise The status of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region and making it the center of the optimal digital networks.

On his part, Jason Kaohengyu, CEO of Huawei Bahrain, said: “We are proud of this distinguished partnership. with a companystcBahrain, which brings us together with them in a common vision, is to raise the status of the Kingdom and place it at the forefront of services Digital technology in the region, as this partnership is the first step towards achieving this goal, and we are always working on developing Our future business and projects together in order to meet customer needs. At Huawei, we are also committed to providing the best services and modern technologies to the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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