Guardiola’s father: Pep dreams about joining him and does not want to harm Barcelona


The father of Spanish coach Pep Guardiola welcomed Lionel Messi’s joining Manchester City, but stressed that this step was not intended to harm Barcelona.

Messi has not renewed his contract with Barcelona yet, as it is scheduled to expire on June 30th, amid doubts about his future and interest from Paris Saint-Germain in joining him.

City is considered one of the clubs that are most interested in Messi as well, because he has the financial ability to provide him with the appropriate financial offer.

In this context, Valenti Guardiola, the father of the Manchester City coach, said: “There is no club in the world that does not want to sign Messi.”

“I saw him play at the age of 12 or 13 and was amazed,” he told journalist Emiliano Nonia. “He was exceptional at this level, and there are very few players like him.”

He continued: “I am sure that Pep will love his presence in City, because he always sees him as the best, but now he is in Barcelona and Pep has never tried to harm the club by including Messi.”

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It is noteworthy that Messi was close to moving to City last summer, but he decided to continue with Barcelona until the end of his contract, pending what would result from his final decision during the next few weeks.


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