Guardiola refuses to give assurances to Aguero


The Spanish coach of Manchester City, England, Josep Guardiola, warned his veteran striker, Sergio Agüero, that there will be no place for feelings when he chooses his squad in the Champions League final in football at the end of this month against his compatriot Chelsea. Aguero announced that he would leave City after 10 successful years with the three-time English Premier League champions in the last four years. Aguero is the historic goal scorer in City, but after a season soured by injuries, his farewell may not be special in the Champions League final, as he played only 18 games this season. Guardiola refused to provide any guarantees that the 32-year-old will participate in the final scheduled for the 29th of February in Porto. “I have to make the right decision to win the match,” Guardiola said of the way he chose his players. “Sergio will play if he is fit and help us score goals, but this is the final of the Champions League,” he said. I have to make the best decision to win the match. ” And he admitted that he notices the difference in the team’s training, as his players try to convince him to get a key place in the final, “they listen a little more.” Here’s a serious point: They are not stupid. They want to play, so they treat me kindly. ” “Then I will choose the squad and they will go back to normal: angry and upset with me.” this is normal”.And added, coach Bayern Munich and Barcelona, ​​the former Spanish, «I remember that the starting line-up in Barcelona was clear. Here we make a lot of changes, and everyone can play. “I have not yet reached the way in which we will play and who will participate.” “That is why I will think in the next ten days and make a decision,” he concluded.
This is the first final in the history of Manchester City in the Champions League, noting that it excluded Paris Saint-Germain and the summer of last season from the semi-final.

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