Google isn’t planning a new pixel-free photo backup plan


Google photos are Ditch free, unlimited “high-quality” backups for non-pixels By the end of this month. Apparently, the company decided it was time to start taking advantage of one of its best products and pushing more customers to push Google One plans. during The current Google site does not make any future pixels eligible for unlimited free backups, A new level of “Storage Provider” was seen unpacked by 9to5Google. Although they initially thought it might be a new unlimited photo storage plan, Google has since confirmed that it is just a proposed name change to the existing “high quality”.

The change has been spotted before 9to5GoogleAnd the details were compelling, explaining that the level is specifically designed for Pixel phones, like the code discovered in the latest Google Photos copy She suggests. At the time, we thought it could join the two existing options that the backup service already offers: Original Quality and High Quality. The former downloads the media as it is, while the latter compresses the images and reduces the resolution to 16MP if it is higher (this is the one that does not currently count in your Google account storage).

Unlimited storage in Storage saver or Express only applies to photos & videos backed up from this Pixel device. <a href=help:>Learn more</a>

Some channels have described the new level as “slightly reduced quality” and “reduced resolution,” although we do not know how this option fits with the current two options. Now Google has confirmed it is because it is No New – or at least not entirely new.

The company has since reported to 9to5Google that the shredding conclusions were wrong and that the new plan is actually just a perceived change to the current high-quality plan:

“There is no change in who we are Previously announced Regarding storing Google photos for Pixel devices. We are exploring new names for photo backup options and are not planning to introduce additional storage options. “

Maybe Google will look at some new benefits of Photo One Plan instead?


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