Google celebrates the birth of Abdul Rahman Al-Sufi .. Who is this man?



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The global search engine, Google, celebrated the birthday of Abd al-Rahman bin Omar al-Sufi today, December 7, and he changed his logo so who is this man?

Abd al-Rahman bin Omar al-Sufi, astronomer and one of the most famous Muslim engineers, he was born in the Al-Rai region in Persia on December 7, 903 AD, corresponding to the month of Muharram 291 AH.

Al-Sufi was considered one of the first Arab scholars who said that the Earth is round, after a great denial of what Eratosthenes said about the sphericity of the Earth, and al-Sufi died on May 25, 986 AD, corresponding to Muharram 8, 376 AH.

Historians and the most famous of them, George Sarton, consider Abd al-Rahman bin Omar al-Sufi as one of the most important and greatest astronomers in Islam, and a scientist specializing in the positions of the stars and their astronomical movement.

Google celebrates the birth of Abdul Rahman Al-Sufi .. Who is this man?

The Caliph supported the state in building a special observatory for him to carry out his astronomical research. A map of the sky was drawn on the building and the positions of the stars and the size of each star were determined. The scholars of Europe considered the mystic the greatest astronomer of his time.

Al-Sufi wrote several books in the field of astronomy, including the book “The Fixed Planets,” the treatise “Working with the Astrolabe,” and “Tarsh the Rays.” Many of the Sufi books were translated and placed in the largest libraries in France and Spain.

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