“Google” accidentally disclosed the “Pixel Buds A” on Twitter


Google revealed by mistake About the upcoming TWS earbuds “Pixel Buds A”, On Twitter today, through a now deleted tweet, the company teased the updated Fast Pair experience of the new Pixel Buds, and the tweet also confirms that the company has planned to market the TWS earbuds as a Pixel Buds A series.

Pixel Buds A with fast pairing

Came in the tweet, “Sound quality and fast bluetooth pairing. New Pixel Buds A-Series is here. Enjoy one-click Bluetooth pairing with the updated Fast Pair experience on Android.”

The image shown in the Pixel Buds tweet is similar to what we saw in the previous leak where Google accidentally leaked TWS earbuds in an official email, one of the noticeable design changes is that Google turns white inside the charging case, unlike the black seen in its predecessor. Thanks to the email leak, we already know the company will have a different white with olive green ear tips and an inside cap.

He was not mentioned in the tweet, prices and availability of the earphones, and other key specs were not revealed either.

It is known so far according to a recent 9to5Google report that the earbuds may lack scrolling gestures, so we won’t wait any longer to find out the rest of the details, as Google is expected to unveil Pixel Buds A in I / O 2021.


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