Golden tips for hair care in the summer


The extremely hot climate and high humidity in the summer season may damage the hair, and the effects of this damage may remain for long periods. Heat and UV rays of the sun plus dry and hot air can strip moisture from the hair and scalp, making it dry and weak.

To restore the health and vitality of your locks during the summer and beyond, Hask Styling Expert Linda Flowers – the well-known brand of hair care products – offers the top 5 tips you can follow to protect and care for your hair in the summer.

1. Make sure to moisturize your hair

Take care to keep your hair moisturized continuously in the summer; Because the sun, salt water, and chlorine in seawater and swimming pools remove moisture from hair, leaving it very dry. Cover your hair with a conditioner while swimming to prevent chlorinated water from penetrating hair strands. Combining deep conditioning treatments with oils upon exposure to the sun can restore and maintain intense hair moisture.

2. Avoid heat styling devices

Avoid exposing your hair to the hot air of styling devices, which are a direct source of heat, which weakens protein bonds and adversely affects hair health in general. Use hot air styling products with products, which prevent hair protein loss. You can also use an anti-heat protectant spray to reduce the damage caused by the heat from styling tools.

3. Avoid excessive hair washing

Excessive washing of hair can cause damage, especially to colored and chemically treated hair, or hair that is very dry or porous in nature. Washing hair daily removes the natural oils and proteins from the hair, which are necessary to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Although we prefer showering and shampooing more often in the summer, it is recommended that you wash your hair no more than three times a week.

To overcome the problem of thinning hair between washings, which is caused by natural hair oils, you can use a natural dry shampoo that contains oil that the hair can absorb and benefit from for a long time.

4. Overcome the problem of frizzy hair

Moisture in the air will frizz your hair in the summer. To control frizz, use the Leave-In sprays, which remain in the hair. You can use deep conditioning hair masks on the ends of your hair if your hair is dry and brittle. Be careful not to pull your hair too hard when styling it, as pulling the hair can cause damage and damage to the hair.

5. Moisturizing hair starts from the inside

It is essential to drink plenty of water in the summer. Moisturizing healthy hair starts from within; So enough water moisturizes the hair cells. To achieve healthy hydration, use Aloe Vera Water Deep Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner, which helps restore hair vitality and effectively hydrate and elasticity to dry strands.


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