Global Holdings shares climbed to the highest price since the listing


Mubasher – Inas Bahjat: The share of the International Holding Company rose during the trading session on Sunday, to its highest price since the listing, after announcing the acquisition of its subsidiary of a stake in an American technology platform.

By 12 noon UAE time, the stock had risen by 1.01 percent, reaching a price of 94.95 dirhams, which it had not reached since its listing in October 2005.

This morning, “Multiplayer” announced the acquisition of a stake in Firefly, the digital media platform, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi-based global holding company.

Firefly will become part of the multiplayer marketing investment multiplier communications division, which includes Multiplay Multiplayer Global Marketing Investments Multiplayer, Viola, as well as other minority stakes in companies such as Yeldmo.

The deal will enable both customers and brands to use modern platforms and global talent that can create marketing campaigns that focus on consumers and increase their return on investment.

At the same time, the market’s investors executed 2.18 million shares traded, at a value of 206.73 million dirhams, through the execution of 103 transactions until that moment.

At that time, the general index of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange increased by 0.67 percent to the level of 6193.02 points.

Total market transactions took place with a volume of 140.37 million shares, with a total recorded value of all shares of 727.56 million dirhams through 1.36 thousand transactions.

Firefly enables individuals to connect to dynamic media by installing its own advertising screens on taxis and shared transportation.

The Firefly platform supports a group of investors such as Google Ventures, NFX and Stanford University’s Star X Fund, and works throughout major American cities with taxi and joint transportation companies by installing their advertising screens on the back of cars.

Referred to The company makes profits An amount of 3.02 billion dirhams by the end of 2020, compared to profits of 505.6 million dirhams achieved during the same period in 2019, an increase of 500 percent.

Al Alamiah Holding operates within the food, beverage and tobacco sector focusing on packaged foods and meats.


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