Global Health: The Indian mutant is more contagious and deadly than the original Coronavirus


Swaminathan said in statements to her, as reported by the American Al-Hurra channel today, Sunday, that “the mutated version (B1 617) that was discovered in India for the first time last October is definitely one of the main factors in accelerating the spread of the epidemic and its out of control in the second largest country in the world from As the population. ”

She added, “The World Health Organization classifies this mutant among the list of more dangerous mutants than the original version of the virus because its ability to spread is greater, as well as its ability to overcome the defenses provided by vaccines, and the death rate recorded for patients who contract it is higher than for patients who are infected.” In the original copy. ”

She explained that there are mutations of this mutant that increase the rates of transmission, and they can also make it resistant to the antibodies that the body has acquired, either through vaccination or from being infected with the virus naturally.

It is noteworthy that India recorded yesterday, Saturday, a record daily death toll from the virus, which exceeded four thousand deaths, in addition to 400 thousand new infections, but experts believe that these official figures are much less than the situation on the ground.


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