Ghada Talaat for her role in “Choice 2”: the character is difficult for her distance from BC


12:22 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Jumaa:

Actress Ghada Talaat said that her participation in the series “Choice 2” is a dream and a great challenge for her, due to her desire to be part of any national work.

Ghada embodies the character of Mrs. Umm Ibrahim, the wife of a murdered terrorist in the Rabaa Al-Adawiya sit-in, and the mother of a member of the “Soldiers of Egypt” organization “Bebo”, whose character is represented by the artist Ahmed Dash, who was arrested in the eighteenth episode of the series.

Ghada added, during her interview with the “Good Morning Egypt” program, broadcast on Egyptian TV, today, Saturday, that director Peter Mimi was the one who nominated her to work in the series, after watching her in the Egyptian Cinema show by the great director Khaled Galal, following up: “After the play was shown Peter shook hands, praised me and asked for cooperation. ”

Ghada stated that when Peter Mimi offered her her role in the series, she found him young, but she accepted, and signed with him, following up: “I was participating in the first part of the series, and I spoke to our Lord, and he heard me.”

Regarding her participation in the scenes of the dispersal of the Rab’a sit-in, Ghada said: “The role is very difficult, and I didn’t like to be in the terror camp or Rab’a in any way … I would have stayed with the police who broke up the sit-in.”

And she continued: “Therefore, the character was very difficult, especially since it is far from my convictions. I am not weak in her clothes and it is impossible for me to marry my brothers or a terrorist, and I think that my son can be brainwashed easily.”

And Ghada went on: “I read the paper well, and recalled the character’s history to find out why this lady suffers from all this weakness .. and I tried to sympathize with her after her insistence on leaving Rab’a, so that the performance would come out like this.”


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