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The Economic Crimes Public Prosecutor’s Office in the German city of Bochum has launched investigations into suspected fraud in citizens’ coronavirus test bills. A spokesman for the Public Prosecution Office confirmed in statements to the German News Agency in Dusseldorf today, Saturday (May 29, 2021), that two officials of a company based in Bochum, which runs test centers in several locations, are being investigated.

According to the Public Prosecution’s data, commercial buildings and private homes in the Ruhr area have already been searched. The documents were also confiscated. The public prosecutor did not want to reveal the name of the suspect company.

The investigations come against the background of an investigative report conducted by North and West German radio SWR and the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

The Corona test regulation for citizens, established by the German government, has been in effect since last March. Last April, statutory health insurance (KV) doctors’ associations settled costs with the Federal Social Security Office for the first time. Test centers receive €18 per test. The Social Security Office transferred a total of 660 million euros this month and last month to the testing centres.

According to investigative media research, the system has a gap that allows for billing fraud, which is the lack of oversight. Random samples at one test site in Cologne showed that instead of being billed for 70 tests already taken, they counted as 1,000. Other samples showed

Similar scams in Essen and Münster.

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The first forged certificates of vaccination against Covid-19 began to appear in Germany, and the number of such certificates is expected to increase. Local police authorities said that only in Bavaria were there “a double-digit number of such cases”.

A spokesman for the Federal Criminal Police Office said: “Compared to other criminal offenses such as forging personal documents and identity cards, the forgery of vaccination certificates is still visible on a small scale with regard to numbers.” The office added, “However, an increase in demand, and therefore also in the submission of false vaccination certificates, is expected due to the easing of legal procedures for vaccinated persons.”



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