George Wassouf, a case that will not be repeated .. I am honored to present a duet with Majed Al Mohandes – Erm News


date of publication:
09 May 2021 3:32 GMT

Update date: 09 May 2021 7:55 GMT

The Lebanese actress Najwa Karam expressed her love and deep respect for the Iraqi artist Majid Al Mohandes, explaining that she feels that he personally resembles her in terms of his love for art and its audience and the extent of his sense of responsibility towards his fans, as well as his refinement and interest in the positive aspects of art while ignoring the negatives.

Najwa Karam said, in a radio interview, that she is ready to perform a duet with Majid Al Mohandes at any time, and it is honored that her voice meets the voice of this wonderful artist, which the audience loves like her.

The Lebanese star emphasized that the entire audience misses the artist, George Wassouf, because it is an unrepeatable situation, stressing that everyone loves his voice and songs that he presented in the Egyptian, Lebanese and Levantine dialects.

Najwa Karam also praised the artist Samira Said, confirming that she is an example of a professional singer who respects her art, her colleagues and her fans, and on the personal level an intelligent, loving and friendly person who can break the ice with those who recognize her with kindness and love.

Najwa Karam stressed that like any Lebanese woman, she has nothing but hope, because all their lives, the Lebanese see nothing but setbacks despite the beauty of the country and the splendor of the hearts of its people, who always have hope for a new tomorrow.

She added that the reason behind her recent departure from presenting new songs is the conditions that Lebanon is going through, along with the conditions of the Corona pandemic that impose some hesitation and delay on the artist, hoping that this black cloud will end until the strong artistic production returns to all artists.


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