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The most prominent headlines published today:
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques discusses with the Turkish President bilateral relations
In front of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques … the Minister of Economy takes the oath
The Kingdom expresses great sorrow at the accident of a bridge collapse while a subway train was passing through the Mexican capital
In implementation of the crown prince’s directives, the Ministry of Interior creates a department for maritime activities at the General Directorate of Border Guard
Council of Ministers: Merging the “Zakat and Income” and “Customs” bodies to form the “Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority”
The Prince of Riyadh sponsors the conclusion of the activities of the Two Holy Revelations Forum, Thursday
The Emir of Al-Jouf praises the health observers in the region leading the performance indicators
The Minister of Justice orders the lifting of the suspension on a real estate deed for relying on an organizational chart
Al-Jubeir reviews with the US Deputy Secretary of State the regional and international developments
Al-Jadaan: Merging the Zakat and Customs authorities will contribute to enhancing the security aspect and improving business practice
Umrah security forces leaders review security plans in the last ten days
Oil prices are rising and approaching $ 70 a barrel
Ihsan: The platform does not have any application yet on the app stores
Al-Eryani: The terrorist practices of the Houthi militia are part of the deliberate impoverishment and starvation policies against citizens
India exceeds the threshold of 20 million cases of corona
The Pentagon: 6% of the American forces withdraw from Afghanistan completed
Newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs. Al-Riyadh newspaper stated in its editorial today entitled (The Habit of Excellence): that in a new international indicator of the efficacy of the Saudi approach to confront the Covid-19 pandemic, after the grace of God, the Kingdom has achieved better Performance among emerging markets, according to Bloomberg Economics around 75 economies, and this comes at a time when a new wave of the epidemic hits the world, prompting a return to measures of closure and quarantine in several countries.
She added: The Bloomberg Economics classification is based on several indicators, including the assessment of the countries most efficient in containing the Covid-19 virus without causing serious damage to their economy or the standard of life of their residents, which is what the wise leadership has paid most of its attention since the start of the pandemic by adopting a rapid and balanced policy to curb the repercussions. Corona, and mitigating its effects on society and the economy, which is the policy that formed a truly global model in the method of confronting pandemics effectively and decisively while taking care of the humanitarian aspects, and the interest of the citizen and resident.
She indicated that the resumption of international flights next month comes in this context, to be another fruit of the Kingdom’s wise approach to facing the Corona crisis, at a time when many countries in the developed world are still reluctant to open their borders and restore their normal life.
She concluded: This reality in which we live and the successive achievements that race against time, and this inimitable ability to manufacture the modernization model while preserving the constants, are nothing but natural outputs of Vision 2030 after five exceptional years in the nation’s history. What the vision has achieved without exaggeration is considered a giant modernization project. It is surprising that this gigantic project despite its enormous size and major goals, and the comprehensiveness of its provisions, and despite the size of internal and external challenges, it moves smoothly and confidently, and achieves its fruits before the dates specified in the vision program, and this impressive pace of moving the Kingdom to unprecedented global horizons expressed by this phrase His Highness the Crown Prince, the godfather of the exceptional vision, was asked in his recent television interview about what is after achieving the goals of Vision 2030, saying – may God protect him -: that Vision 2040 will begin, which will be the stage of global competition.
Al-Bilad newspaper said in its editorial under the title (A Thriving Economy): The national economy has achieved remarkable progress in the first quarter of this year 2021 and is able to face challenges, especially the repercussions of the Corona pandemic. During the public debt, in addition to the increase in non-oil revenues compared to the same quarter of the previous year, which confirms the great success on the road to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision by diversifying sources of income, taking advantage of promising and emerging sectors and not relying on oil.
And she considered that the budget was not overlooked in its first quarter, spending on the service and social aspects, overcoming the effects of the Corona pandemic, maintaining the standard of living, providing benefits and social benefits to those who deserve it, and moving all sectors towards growth and prosperity.
And she concluded: This comes at a time when the IMF staff mission, at the conclusion of the hypothetical consultations with the Kingdom, revealed that economic reforms have achieved positive results, with expectations of continued economic recovery, a decline in the unemployment rate, and a slowdown in consumer price inflation. The mission also praised the role of the public finance, financial sector, and employment support programs launched by the government and the Saudi Central Bank in mitigating the financial and economic repercussions of the Corona pandemic and enabling the Saudi economy to manage the crisis thanks to the efforts consistent with the directions of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision aimed at establishing a strong governance and cooperation structure between ministries and agencies, and expanding The pace of digital transformation at the level of government and financial services, and public finance and financial sector policies that allowed strong margins of safety and flexibility in job mobility in the labor market.
“Al-Youm” newspaper reported in its editorial entitled (Changing challenges … and a steady path) that it is not surprising that the leaders of countries announce plans and targets through which they wish to reassure their peoples and allies of the strategies they intend for the sake of development, but sudden and unexpected circumstances come from disasters and crises. To constitute a true test of the ability of these promises to be true, and in many cases they are nothing more than ink on paper, and if no emergency comes on the way to intercept them, then time is sufficient to reveal the credibility of those promises and the possibilities for realizing them on the ground.
She said: “In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, deeds compete with words, and the best evidence is what has been done, is still going, and plans, reforms, achievements and comprehensive and integrated development projects will be done. A map of the Kingdom’s developmental future according to plans and strategies capable of anticipating all future needs, and perhaps the challenge brought about by the exceptional circumstances that accompanied the new Corona pandemic (Covid-19) and what the world witnessed of the superior capabilities of the state in making all sacrifices for the sake of the safety of the human soul. At the same time, there was no vacation. Rather, there was a complete activation and sustainability of the concepts of technological progress and digital transformation, whose infrastructure and launching platform for the horizons of the vision in the national development process was 2030.
It stated that the revenues of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the first quarter of the world 2021 amounted to about 205 billion riyals, and oil revenues formed 57% of the total revenues of the first quarter, while the non-oil revenues of the Kingdom in the first quarter amounted to 88 billion riyals. The one mentioned above about the actions of a leader, the capabilities of a state and the aspirations of a nation, diversifying sources of income was one of the pillars from which the plans and strategies of the Kingdom’s vision, which despite the Corona crisis that affected the economies of the whole world, continues to achieve its goals because it is a vision that anticipates the future with all its needs, variables and challenges.
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