Fouz Al-Fahd reveals the gender and name of her fetus with a gift from her husband


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Kuwaiti fascist revealed Cheetah victory, About The gender of her fetus He is expected to receive him a few months later, from her husband, businessman Abdul Latif Al-Sarraf, through her own account on the “Snapchat” application.

Fouz Al-Fahd published an image revealing that she had received a group of flowers as a gift from her husband on the occasion of her 30th birthday, which fell on May 10, commenting “Habibi Bou Ahmed,” and with this comment, the Kuwaiti fascist revealed that she was preparing to receive a male child and would name him Ahmed.

Fouz Al-Fahd reveals the gender and name of her fetus with a gift from her husband

And the interaction of the pioneers of social networking sites with what was announced by the victory of the cheetah about the gender and name of her fetus, and whether she intended to announce the name and gender of her newborn, or she was wrong, because she had previously stated to her followers that she and her husband could know the gender of the fetus, but they refused that and did not want to know if they were going to have a girl Or a boy, especially that Cheetah victory She previously explained that she received many daily messages and questions about the gender of the fetus, and whether she was exposed to being pregnant with a girl or a boy, confirming that she and her husband are a businessman Abdul Latif Al-Sarraf They can now know the gender of the fetus, but they refuse to do so and do not want to know whether they will have a girl or a boy because all they care about is that their expected child is in good health.

Fawz Al-Cheetah announced that she was pregnant with her first child, through a picture that showed the features of pregnancy on it, and attached her to a distinctive comment that said: “Oh God, my heart rejoiced and miss my wildness, Awad my patience. May God bless everyone who is deprived of this feeling that cannot be described I thank every person my prayers and wish me good and my Lord bless you many times as you wish.

Fouz Al-Fahd reveals the gender and name of her fetus, along with a gift from her husband

But Cheetah victory Later, she said that she suffers from psychological changes during pregnancy that affect her feeling about things, hanging: “My psyche during pregnancy, day up and day below, with hormones and changes in the body one day I feel my appearance normal, and the day I see, I say I am now like this at the end how I will be”.

She emphasized that it is very important for all mothers to accept the changes they are going through because they are very difficult, and she continued: “I used to hear that your psyche is not sweet and you feel your appearance is not sweet 9 months every day about a day that makes a difference.”

And she advised all mothers to deal with their psychological crises during pregnancy, saying: “We must talk about the psyche of mothers during pregnancy and how to accept that you are not normal and feel that you hate your appearance, and this does not mean that you are a mother who is not a zina.”

Fouz Al-Fahd reveals the gender and name of her fetus, along with a gift from her husband

Fouz Al-Fahad celebrated her wedding anniversary in conjunction with the announcement of her pregnancy, and her husband, Kuwaiti businessman Abdul Latif Al-Sarraf, surprised her by placing a diamond ring in the hand of his wife, the Kuwaiti fashionista, and showed the celebrations of their first wedding anniversary amid great interaction from her followers.

It is noteworthy that Fawz Al-Fahad had announced her marriage to Kuwaiti businessman Abdul Latif Al-Sarraf in mid-March of last year, and her followers on Instagram shared screenshots of her wedding without showing the face of her groom. The value of the network provided to her on her wedding was about $ 681,000.


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