“For a country free of sins!” What is the truth? (picture)


The pioneers of social networks widely circulated a modified image of the Syrian artist Nazli al-Rawas with the character of “Umm Karmo”, which she performs in the series “Ali Saneh Hot”, to become an advertisement nominating for the parliamentary elections “for a country free of sin”, in a funny simulation of the role he embodied in Dramatic action.

And it “spread” among the crowd of Rawas, the “Hababa” crisis adopted by “Umm Karmo” the woman who works in Sattar El Din for other schemes, and she is married to “Abu Karmo” (Abdel Moneim Amayri), the drug dealer, through the storefront of “Al Majara Sweets”.

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And the series “Ali Saffih Hot” written by Ali Wajih and Yamen Al-Hajli and directed by Saif Subai’i, and starring: Basem Yakhour, Saloum Haddad, Amal Bouchoucha, Milad Youssef, Abdel-Moneim Amayri, Nazli Al-Rawas, Samar Sami, Yamen Al-Hajli, Yazan Al-Khalil, Wael Zaidan, Alia Saeed, Sarah Al-Tawil, Salim Sabri, Abdel Fattah Mazen, Shady Safadi and others.


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