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Palestine lives under the impact of brutal Zionist attacks, as hundreds of citizens are arrested and killed. In light of the continued Zionist violations against the Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, many football parties joined together, hoping to support the Palestinian people and a call to stop the attacks of the usurping entity.Many football clubs have shown their support for Palestine, such as the English club Wolverhampton, through its Arabic-speaking account, which tweeted: “You don’t have to be Palestinian to speak, you have to be a human being.” Our hearts and our prayers are always behind you in Palestine, for God save the people of Jerusalem and all of Palestine, and be their help. ”In addition to West Ham United club, who also posted on Twitter:“ Oh God, grant them victory over the oppressive people. Palestine was and will remain a land and home for the Palestinians alone, whoever wishes and refused from my father. Nasrallah is coming, even after a while ». The account of the Spanish club Kadesh published a tweet in which it said: “Our hearts and our souls are with the people of Palestine. .

Deportivo Palastino players dressed in keffiyehs in support of Palestine (about the web)

Star solidarity
Away from the clubs, remarkable individual positions emerged from some players around the world, as the Frenchman Franck Ribery, the Italian Fiorentina player, posted a picture of a girl with the Palestinian flag attached to the tag “PalestinianLivesMatter”, and the French star Paul Pogba, the Manchester United player, posted a picture of him on ” Instagram », and accompanied by a comment:« The world needs peace and love. The holiday is approaching, let’s love each other pay Palestine ». The Arab players had prominent positions, as the Egyptian Mohammed Al-Nani, Arsenal’s English player, wrote a letter in English expressing his support for Palestine, and he also published three pictures of the Palestinian flags and the Dome of the Rock, while Riyad Mahrez, the English star of Manchester City, published a picture of the Palestinian flag showing a hand indicating victory . For his part, Moroccan player Hakim Ziyech, a professional with Chelsea, also raised donations on Instagram, with his compatriot Noureddine Amrabat, player of Al-Nasr Club.

Significant individual stances emerged from some players around the world, especially the Arabs

Salah falls short
What was remarkable was the absence of the star of Liverpool and the Egyptian national team, Mohamed Salah, from the campaign of solidarity with the Palestinians, which sparked anger and criticism of many social media activists. On the other hand, Salah’s fans recalled his charitable work in addition to his previous stances towards the Palestinian cause, recalling what he did while he was a professional player in the Swiss Basel team.
At the time, Salah, accompanied by his Swiss team, faced Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League. Upon the start of the first leg, Salah avoided shaking hands with the Israeli players by leaving the pitch shortly before the start of the match under the pretext of changing his shoes, and he succeeded in not reaching out to shake hands with any of the members of the Israeli team. A “hoax” caused a lot of controversy in the European and Israeli media at the time, as newspapers indicated that Salah’s behavior was not professional, and that he had to correct his mistake in the second leg, something that Arab and Israeli sports fans alike had been waiting for. Having had to play the second leg, Salah also avoided shaking hands with any of the Israeli team players, and only closed his fist when throwing peace between the players. The Egyptian player was able at that time to score the second goal for his team, and prostrate to God, at a time when the fans of the Israeli team attacked him with insults, racist slogans and whistles, but the Egyptian player kept his calm and only put his index finger on his mouth, asking them to remain silent.
Salah previously tried to score points on this point, although he shouldn’t have played those two matches. Today Salah is completely absent, so what has changed?
The answer may lie in the difference in the political map of European clubs, which varies between left-wing clubs in the face of right-wing clubs, some of which touch extremism, in addition to separatist clubs, according to a report by “The Football Faculty”.

Muhammad Al-Nani and Riyad Mahrez tweeted in support of Palestine, while Muhammad Salah was absent (AFP)

In English football, the game tends to be an entity completely separate from politics, which makes some clubs prohibit their players from participating in any political activity. The paradox here is that the Palestinian issue is primarily a humanitarian issue and above all, which makes Salah and others concerned choose between rebelling against club laws and bearing the results whatever they are, as happened with Mahrez, who did not care about the consequences despite the approaching final of the Champions League and threatening his participation thus Within the basic configuration, or obeying the laws in order to preserve “a livelihood.”
In general, the ball is in Salah’s court and other players standing on the seam line. The coming days may show clear positions on them towards the Palestinian people, who are still proving time and time again that it is the true “Arab pride”.

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