Fleeing the media … Bill Gates’ wife rents an island for 132 thousand dollars a day – Miscellaneous


Melinda Gates rented a private island for $ 132,000 per day, so that she and her family could avoid media attention after deciding to separate from her husband, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, after a 27-year marriage, according to media reports.

The couple announced their decision to end their marriage “Monday,” and wrote in a joint statement at the time: “After a great deal of thought and a lot of work about our relationship, we made a decision to end our marriage.”

However, sources told some media that the couple were already planning to announce this in March, at which point Melinda leased the California island of Grenada.

According to the sources, the plan was for Melinda and the couple’s three children, to remain on the island, to which Bell was reportedly not invited.

The island spans 80 acres and provides guests with 25 exquisite suites and country houses that can be reached on a five-minute boat ride from Grenada.

With regard to the spouses’ delay in announcing the divorce, the sources told “TMZ” that the lawyers of both Bill and Melinda were trying to reach “a specific settlement about the divorce.”

The sources also said that the family had often sided with Melinda, and that this was not an “amicable separation”.

On the day they announced their intent to divorce, the Microsoft investment company transferred $ 1.8 billion in shares to Melinda, according to Bloomberg.



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