FilGoal | News | Ismaily: Ihab Jalal’s condition is stable. Therefore, we thank the Egyptian arbitration


Alaa Wahid, the official spokesman for the Ismaili Club, confirmed the stability of the condition of Ihab Galal, the technical director of the team, explaining why the management of his club thanked the Egyptian arbitration.

Ihab Jalal was infected with the Corona virus.

Alaa Wahid told “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “Ihab Jalal’s condition is stable, and he will conduct a new good touch, and if it comes negative, he will manage the team’s match against Al-Ahly Bank.”

“He is monitoring the progress of training and the condition of all players with Hamad Ibrahim, the team’s coach,” he added.

The Ismaili masses continued to pray for Ihab Jalal en masse in Tarawih prayers.

Regarding the Ismaili statement, in which he thanked the Egyptian arbitration, he explained, “We previously criticized the Egyptian arbitration, but when the arbitration is good, we must thank him.”

“We get our right, and the video assistant ruling is great,” he said.

He continued, “We must stand with the Egyptian arbitration, because it is not in our interest to demolish one of the elements of the game.”

Regarding the deduction of 3 points from the Ismaili balance due to the dues of the Al-Nujoom club in the Ibrahim Hassan deal, he said: “The club has not been officially notified of any points deduction.”

And continued, “deduction of points occurs in many cases, but it is raised at times if there is reconciliation with the second party.”

He concluded, “There will be a friendly session between the two clubs to resolve the issue so that no points are deducted, and the Ismaili is working for that, and resolving these issues will be far from the media.”


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