FilGoal | News | Brazil hosts Copa America


The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) announced on Monday the organization of the 2021 Copa America in Brazil.

And that was hours after the tournament was withdrawn from Argentina due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

CONMEBOL’s statement announced that the tournament will be held on the same dates, from June 13 to July 10.

A few days ago, Argentina officially offered to host the Copa America 2021 on its own, after Colombia was excluded.

Colombia and Argentina were supposed to host the tournament jointly for the first time in the history of the competition, but the first apologized due to the ongoing protests in the country.

According to a statement by the South American Football Confederation “CONMEBOL” last Thursday, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez held a meeting with Alejandro Dominguez, president of the Confederation, and offered him “a strict protocol to host the tournament. “.

Argentina was scheduled to host the first group matches of the tournament, with Colombia to host the second group matches.

It is reported that Brazil hosted the last Copa America in 2019.


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